The function of the Bay City Fire Operations Division is to protect lives and property within the city from fires, natural or manmade disasters, medical emergencies, and entrapments. The legal authority to carry out these services comes from the City Charter, city ordinances, and the Michigan Fire Prevention Act, which is Michigan Public Act 207 of 1941, as amended. The division is broken down into functional groups to carryout these tasks.
Engine and Aerial Companies

Engine Company 1: 1401 Center Ave
Engine Company 2: 1000 Fremont St
Engine Company 4: 212 S Dean St
Engine Company 5: 1209 E Smith St
Fire Monument
  1. Education

    Access educational resources regarding Fire and EMS from the Public Safety Department.

  2. Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

    As another way to protect the lives and property of our community, which is the department's primary function, the Fire Fighting Division also responds to medical emergencies.

  3. Emergency Rescue

    Members of the Fire Fighting Division are also trained and equipped to provide emergency rescue services for the community.

  4. Fire Administration

    Fire Administration provides all fire department divisions and offices with management, clerical, and training support. This division is made up of the Office of the Fire Chief and Office of the Senior Administrative Assistant.

  5. Fire Code/Prevention

    The primary function of the fire service is the protection of lives and property, and the best way to do this is through fire prevention.

  6. Fire Operations News

    See fire operations news items from the Public Safety Department.

  7. Fire Report

    Copies of fire reports are available under the Freedom of Information Act.

  8. Fire Suppression

    The Fire Fighting Division provides the community fire fighting, emergency medical service, emergency rescue, and response to chemical emergencies.

  9. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

    FOIA is a disclosure statute, intended to provide citizens a glimpse into the workings of their government so they can be informed participants in the democratic process.

  10. Hazardous Materials Team

    Responding to spills or releases of dangerous chemicals or hazardous materials is also a function of the fire fighting division.

  11. Primary Fire Response District Map

    When a fire is beyond the control of the on duty shift or if two fires take place at the same time off duty fire fighters are called back to duty.