The Support Operations Division consists of Public Saftey Officers who are cross-trained employees, and acts as the Detective Bureau. Support Operations investigates crime, handles identification and evidence, coordinates all Law Enforcement Training, oversees Law Enforcement Grants, and handles departmental purchasing.
  1. Cold Cases

    View a listing of current Bay City cold cases.

  2. Crime Prevention

    We value all that our citizens do to help us maintain law and order.

  3. Detectives

    The Detective Bureau investigates cases generated by the Patrol Operations Division, self-generated complaints, as well as investigations received from other Law Enforcement agencies including federal, state and local.

  4. Identification Bureau

    The Identification Bureau is part of the Detective Bureau and assigned to the Support Operations Division.

  5. Tips

    Cases are resolved many times only because citizens are willing to provide information.

  6. VIPER

    The VIPER unit was created in 2004. In 2007, the unit joined the Bay City FBI Resident Office and became part of the Safe Streets Task Force.