Community Officers Patrolling Streets (COPS)

The Bay City Department of Public Safety implemented the Community Officers Patrolling Streets (COPS) program in September of 1990. The objective was to proactively reduce crime, fear of crime, and establish a sense of neighborhood safety and responsibility in resolving problems. The Public Safety Department continues to fill these objectives with the COPS program.
  1. About COPS

    Community policing consists of three key components: partnerships, problem solving and organizational transformation.

  2. Community Policing History

    The 1970s marked the era of "professional" policing. Standardized testing and hiring combined with scientific criminal investigative techniques, helped increase the professionalism of police departments.

  3. Explorer Program

    The Bay City Department of Public Safety Explorer Program is a program for youths between the ages of 14 and 21 looking to explore the law enforcement field as a career choice.

  4. History

    In early pioneer communities fires were a constant threat due to homes built from wood, heated by open fire places and lit by candles and fire fighting equipment was quite primitive.


    Numerous sectors within Bay City have neighborhood groups known as ICCANN (I Can Create A Nice Neighborhood).

  6. Law Enforcement News

    Receive news items regarding law enforcement issues from the Public Safety Department.

  7. School Resource Officers

    Throughout the academic year, Community Policing officers are assigned to Central High School and Handy Middle School.