Water Distribution/Metering

Water Distribution is the system of piping that delivers clean water from the Water Plant to homes and businesses. This department is also in charge of Metering water usage.
Workers working on a pipe
  1. About Water Distribution

    20 state-certified employees service the Water Distribution system and offer 24-hour emergency service.

  2. About Your Water Meter

    The water meter is normally in your building. It is hooked into your plumbing. It should be in a location that is heated so that it does not freeze and break.

  3. Cold Weather Tips

    Prevent your pipes from freezing this winter.

  4. Metering

    Accurate meters are the customer's assurance that they are only paying their fair share.

  5. Regulatory Requirements

    See the requirements and rules that govern the departments activities.

  6. Water Distribution Resources

    See various links and downloadable resources from the Water Department.

  7. Water Meter Discrepancy

    Access a listing of frequently asked questions regarding water meter discrepancies.

  8. Water & Sewer Rates

    Explanation of water and sewer rates for current billing procedures.