Boards & Commissions

  1. Bay City Housing Commission

    The Bay City Housing Commission is currently accepting public housing waiting list applicatons for families and senior/disabled individuals. This Housing Commission has four high rise communities dedicated to senior/disabled individuals, and scattered homes throughout Bay City for families. To apply for public housing you can stop by their office located at 1200 N. Madison Ave., Bay City, MI 48708, during normal office hours, M-F. An application can also be mailed to you by calling the office at 989-892-9581. Once your application has been completed it can be mailed or hand delivered to the above address. Be sure to include copies of birth certificates, social security cards, proof of income, and photo IDs for all adult household members. This Housing Commission lists the following preferences that may improve your spot on the waiting list as: working, and local residents.For more information the Housing Commission can be reached during normal office hours by calling 989-892-9581.

  2. Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

    The City established its Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) on November 1, 1999 pursuant to the Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act, Public Act 381 of 1996, as amended. The Authority and the City Commission are responsible for review and adopting Brownfield Redevelopment Plans to promote the revitalization of properties that are functionally obsolete, blighted or environmentally distressed throughout the City.

  3. Board of Review - Property Assessment Appeals

    The Board of Review reviews and tentatively approves the assessment roll, and hears and makes decisions on appeals by taxpayers from valuations made by the City Assessor.

  4. Building Code Board of Appeals

    The Building Code Board of Appeals has the jurisdiction to recommend that minor variances in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical application of the Building Code be granted, and that alternative construction methods or materials be allowed.

  5. Citizens District Councils

    The Bay City Citizens District Councils advise the city government with respect to programs for the orderly growth, development and redevelopment of the area.

  6. City Commission

    Find meeting times, agendas and minutes, and contact information for the City Commission. The City Commission has a responsibility for the overall health, welfare and safety of the City as a whole.

  7. Columbus Avenue Management Board

    The Columbus Avenue Management Board is responsible for creating an improved environment for commerce, business, and residential development in and near Columbus Avenue.

  8. Downtown Development Authority

    The Downtown Development Authority district is located on the east side of the Saginaw River bounded by Woodside Avenue on the north, Madison Avenue on the east, Columbus Avenue on the south and the Saginaw River on the west.

  9. Downtown Management Board

    The Downtown Management Board focuses on downtown Bay City's Principal Shopping District whose boundaries mirror that of the Downtown Development Authority.

  10. Fire Code Board of Appeals

    The function of the Fire Code Board of Appeals is to hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the code official relative to the application and interpretation of the fire code.

  11. Historic District Commission

    Bay City's City Commission established the Historic District Commission as the ruling body over issues relating to development within the Midland Street and Center Avenue Historic Districts. The Commission also focuses on increasing public awareness of Bay City's heritage and identifies historic and cultural resources for the purpose of preserving the best examples of Bay City's past.

  12. James Clements Airport Advisory Committee

    The James Clements Airport Advisory Committee advises the City Commission on policy matters relating to the operation of the airport, proposals for development, airport area land use, fees and safety concerns.

  13. Midland Street Management Board

    The 13-member Midland Street Management Board is responsible for encouraging the Midland Street Business District to be a strong urban center by offering a variety of retail, service, residential and recreational opportunities.

  14. Notice of Vacancies

    In accordance with policy formulated for the purpose of making appointments to City Boards, Committees and Commissions, notice is hereby given of the following vacancies.

  15. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission is responsible for the adoption of a long-range master plan for the physical development of Bay City. It also has jurisdiction over all new commercial construction in the city through the site plan review process and on special uses withing zoning districts. It makes recommendations to the City Commission on matters relating to the vacation of streets and alleys, and zoning ordinance amendments.

  16. Police & Fire Retirement System Board

    The City of Bay City Police and Fire Retirement System is a single-employer defined benefit pension plan for all eligible police officers and firefighters employed with the City of Bay City.

  17. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board of Appeals is authorized by the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act and the City's zoning ordinance to hear and make decisions on applications for variances from zoning regulations, appeals of decisions made by Planning and Zoning Department staff in the administration of zoning regulations, and request for interpretations of zoning regulations and the location of zoning district boundaries.