Special Events Planning

Bay City is home to numerous festivals, concerts and events each year. If you're looking to host a special event in the city, take note of the following guidelines and information
  1. Events Maps

    Access special event planning maps.

  2. Fees

    Discover what fees are charged when holding a special event.

  3. Returning Event Date Notification

    We now have available a Date Notification Form that can be submitted to our office if you are aware of the dates for your upcoming event.

  4. Severe Weather Emergency Action Plan

    Event organizers are required to submit a completed Severe Weather Emergency Action Plan with the City Clerk's Office before a permit will be issued.

  5. Special Events Application (PDF)

    Access the Special Events Application.

  6. Special Events Application Process (PDF)

    Read through the process of holding a special event.

  7. Special Events Policies & Procedures (PDF)

    Read through the policies and procedures for holding a special event.

  8. Weather Planning

    Weather conditions play a significant role in the success of outdoor activities, and severe weather events have the potential to create dangerous and life-threatening conditions.