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  1. Rachel Phillips, P.E.

    Municipal Engineering Manager

Sidewalk Repairs are Coming Soon!
A 15-year sidewalk repair plan in being developed to repair the failing sections of sidewalk throughout the City.  In 2015-2016, the City conducted an inventory of all the sidewalks in the City and noted each area that should be repaired.  The order of locations will be determined in accordance with the 2016 Bay City Housing Study.  This is an overall view that looks at needs for overall infrastructure in the City in order to determine where the work will begin and when it will be scheduled, however we will replace as much sidewalk as our annual budget allows.  The plan is in development stages, but we are hoping to begin repairs by July.
 City Hall Parking Lot improvements             Parking Lot
            • Construction Dates:  April 17 – June 2, 2017
            • Construction Low Bid:  $286,918.55
            • Project is 90% Complete

The project includes reconstruction of the lot on the west side of Saginaw Street to complete removal of the Electric substation.  There will be new curbing, pavement, landscaping and an improved Saginaw Street pedestrian crossing facility (construction of the pedestrian island is complete).  The parking lot will be closed during construction.  Alternate parking is available on the southwest corner of Saginaw and 10th Streets.  Shaw Contracting was the low bidder.

Midland/Vermont S-Curve Resurfacing, Wenona to vermont s curveDean

  • Construction Dates:  May 1 – June 29, 2017
  • Construction Low Bid:  $258,630.40
  • Project is 60% complete
  • Detour (May 1- June 9) on Henry St., Thomas/Jenny Streets (M-25), and Euclid Avenue (M-13)

The project includes roadway asphalt milling and resurfacing, water main, curb and gutter, and sidewalks.  After June 9, the street will be open with intermittent lane closures. Shaw Contracting was the low bidder.  
Midland Business District Improvements, Henry to Litchfield 
Midland Bus Dist

                  • Construction Dates:  July 10 – October 31, 2017
                  • Construction Low Bid:  $822,369.20
                  • Detour on Vermont, Catherine, John, and Walnut (Walnut to Litchfield will remain open with intermittent lane closures.
The project includes complete street reconstruction from Henry to Walnut, including new sewer (separation of sanitary and storm sewers), water main, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and street lighting.  The street will be resurfaced with asphalt and receive new street lighting from Walnut to Litchfield, without changes to the curb and gutter, sidewalk, and utilities.  The project is being funded with electric, water and sewer utility funds, TIFA funding and Street funding.  Shaw Contracting was the low bidder.

 Farragut Street Watermain Replacement, 32nd to Fremont
  • Construction Dates:  July 2017                Farragut
  • Construction by City Forces
  • Street will remain open with intermittent lane closures

This project includes the replacement of the watermain with a history of breaks on the east side of Farragut. 

Independence Bridge Repairs        indy bridge

  • Construction Dates:  September 2017 – April 2018 
  • Construction Estimate:  $1,095,000
  • Detour (December – March) on Liberty Bridge
This project includes replacement of the Bascule span deck grating, span stringers, and sidewalks.  The project is being funded with Federal, State and local funding.  This project is scheduled to be bid through MDOT on July 7.       
Midland Street Lead Watermain Replacements


  • Construction Dates:  May 1 – June 9, 2017
  • Construction by City Forces
  • Project is 90% Complete
  • Detour (May 1- June 9) on Henry St., Thomas/Jenny Streets (M-25), and Euclid Ave. (M-13)

The Water Distribution Division will be performing water system improvements at three intersections on Midland Street including Kiesel Street, Warner Street, and Chilson Street.  New 8” watermain will be installed at each intersection to replace existing 1.5” lead pipe watermains. This project has been identified in our lead abatement program and will improve water quality and fire flow to residents in this vicinity. To reduce cost and traffic interruptions, this project is being coordinated with the traffic detour for the Midland/Vermont Curve Project detour.   

2016 Sidewalk Repairs  sidewalk repaired
2016 construction contract for the sidewalk repairs funded by Community Development Block Grant funds in Ward 8 are complete.  Environmental studies are underway to move to other Wards, if funding is available.  Affordable Contracting was the low bid contractor.  

2016 Miscellaneous Concrete Repairs 

The 2016 construction contract for miscellaneous concrete repairs (curb and gutter, pavement, etc. from utility work) are expected to be completed by mid July.  Tri-Valley Contracting was the low bid contractor. 

Patterson Avenue Resurfacing, Marquette to Smith Patterson

            • Construction Dates:  July 17 – October 30, 2017
            • Construction Low Bid:  $478,124
            • Detour on Marquette, Transit, and Smith

The project includes milling and resurfacing the existing asphalt, curb and gutter, watermain, and storm sewer placement.  Federal funding is secured for the project.  The low bidder in the MDOT May 5th letting was Rohde Brothers.  

Fillmore   Fillmore Place, Trumbull to Park  

  • Construction Dates:  September 2017
  • Construction Estimate:  $925,000
This project includes complete street reconstruction, new storm sewer, new water main, curb and gutter and sidewalk repairs.  The project is being funded with water and sewer utility funds.  The design is in process.  Construction dates and detour route have not yet been determined.  


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