Planning & Zoning News

Posted on: April 7, 2017

Bay City's Non-motorized Plan

Bay City is undertaking the development of a non-motorized plan for the City's bicycle and pedestrian facilities.  The plan is expected to:

  • Create a lasting pedestrian, bicycle, and greenway transportation program;
  • Identify convenient on-street and off-street routes for pedestrian walking/jogging and bicycling to important nodes and destinations;
  • Present a comprehensive strategy for expanding bicycle, pedestrian, and greenway infrastructure throughout the city;
  • Identify facilities, programs, policies, and design guidelines that will encourage consistent, safe walking, bicycling, and greenway use throughout the city; and
  • Create a list of categories, tools and programs for a 20-year time horizon broken into 5-year goals to be used when decisions are made in regards to funding various transportation projects.

As part of the planning stage, we are soliciting input from individuals who will benefit most from any upgrades:  pathway users and the Bay City community as a whole.  The link to the survey for the Bicycle and Pedestrian plan is:

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