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The Bay City Clerk's Office is a passport processing agent and is authorized to accept passport applications. A U. S. passport may be issued to a citizen or national of the United States. Unless specifically authorized by a passing issuing office, no person may have more than one valid or potentially valid U.S. passport of the same type at any one time. Applicants must apply in person.

New Passport Application Requirements

• 1 2X2 passport photo

• Certified copy of birth certificate with raised seal from county or state government or naturalization papers

• Social Security number

• Valid driver's license/Michigan ID or parent with valid driver's license/Michigan ID

• $25 processing fee (Cash, money order or check payable to Bay City Treasurer)

• Separate money order for each applicant (Money order or check payable to Department of State)

• $110 for persons 16 or older, or $80 for persons under 16

• Expedite fee: Additional $60

• Parents must show driver's license when applying for children's passport

• All minors must appear in person when applying for passport

To print an application for a new passport, click here. This application must be delivered in person.

Renewal Passport Application

A renewal passport may be used only if the following questions can be answered YES:

• At least 16 years old when most recent passport was issued.

• Can submit most recent passport.

• Most recent passport was issued less than 15 years ago.

• Can use same name on most recent passport, or if name changed by marriage or court order can submit proper documentation to reflect name change.

The renewal application, expired passport, two new passport photos and money order for $110 payable to Department of State can be mailed by the applicant directly to the Passport Agency address indicated on the application.

To print a renewal passport application, click here. This application is for renewals only and may be submitted by mail.

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Report a lost or stolen passport

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